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Pub meeting on 2006-08-02

Even thought there weren't that many of us at this meet [a whole 7!], it was still quite lively with a range of topics considered, from which is better: Gnome or KDE, to what sort of stuff we could do to make our LUG better and more accessable/ noticed, and what we should do for Software Freedom Day [which, for those of you who were there – I got the date completely wrong, it's Saturday 16th September, not 20th]

Suggestions passed around for the above included:

  • Having a suggestions page on the wiki
  • Having a forum/ mailing list hybrid
  • Having a team dedicated to maintaining the wiki
  • For Software Freedom Day, giving out OpenCDs at the North Road campus of Bournemouth and Poole college.
  • Setting up a stand to promote the LUG and open software in general at Bournemouth Uni's Freshers Fair

Laura Hurrell

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