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Open Source Software is used by business and schools throughout the world and offers flexibility and cost saving. Discover Linux can supply affordable office and educational IT systems and save you money in yearly license fees.

GNU/Linux provides
  • A stable and secure platform used by major Banks.
  • Easy internet set up.
  • Email systems.
  • OpenOffice document editor compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Web server for internet and intranet use.
  • Easy file backup and restore.
  • Remote access for support.
  • Will run on old and low specification PCs if required; no need to upgrade PCs.
  • Software that can be used at home without further costs or licenses to staff and pupils.
  • No additional anti-virus and firewall software to be purchased, all included.
  • Graphic and video editting.
  • and many other applications.

Discover Linux's aim is to provide Open Source Software in business and schools to cut costs and improve computer utilisation. Ask for a demonstration to show what Linux can do.

John Cooper Linux Consultancy Ltd.


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