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Pub meeting on 2006-09-05

Another good meeting I think with around 9-10 people turning up. Since I have difficulty remembering the names of people I've known for years :-( , I won't try to list everyone but there were plenty of familiar faces as well as a new one (Gemma).

During the evening there was some lively conversation going on, even if some of the topics strayed into Windows, PDP 8s/11s, PDAs, mobile phones, baby alarms and radio scanners! Still at least George didn't mention George (his favourite OS) :-)

One thing that did come up was the demise of our plans for the workshop meeting. As I said on the list a month or so ago, I emailed Rufus, but haven't had a reply. There were one or two hints of possible venues last night, although I don't think the ideals of mains power, space, accessibility and internet access were ever in the same place. I've updated the web page to reflect the current situation, but left behind most of the content in case we do find a suitable place. In particular I've removed most of the commitments made by people to provide transport and equipment on the grounds that any new venue may make them impractical for the people concerned or just irrelevant. However, I've left the commitments to expertise on the grounds that that shouldn't be venue specific.

Anyway, we are formally searching for a venue again, especially now the summer season is over and the nights are drawing in so if you can offer anything, please do.

Terry Coles

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