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2007-06-06 The King's Arms, Bournemouth

Present: Terry Coles, Ralph Corderoy, Steve Hemingway, David Stanton, Peter Washington, James Weeks.

Despite England beating Estonia 3-0 at football in the other bar, the Lounge bar was nice and quiet.

Not many topics were covered, mainly because we stuck to one or two for quite a while. Some of them were:

The Gold Standard, and how all the world now uses fiat currencies.

FUSE, a method of implementing filesystems in userspace, including some more unusual ideas of what makes a filesystem. Your GMail email account can be used to provide the space for a filesystem giving you 2GiB of online storage for free.

The Linux-based Linksys NSLU2, a device for making a USB drive accessible over a network, and how its firmware can be replaced to alter functionality.

ATA drives have their own password, some code could trivally lock you out of your hard drive.

Hard drive computer forensics, and write-blocker devices.

Ralph Corderoy

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