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Poster Promoting Linux and the Dorset LUG

These are our ideas for a poster. Please feel free to improve.

Intended Audience


It may well result in people turning up on the list that go away after a week or two, but hopefully some will stay.



Can't criticise Windows too much if we're trying to get them in computer shop windows which sell Windows. Perhaps two versions, with slightly differing text?

“Linux”. Big. At the top. Not “GNU/Linux” as will confuse on first sight.

“Dorset Linux User Group”. Perhaps underneath, smaller, on one line.

Mention live CDs so it can be tried without installing anything.

If Ubuntu has WEBI, meaning it can be installed on Windows without re-partitioning, then maybe mention that too.

Linux works reasonably on older hardware, which may be struggling with XP and couldn't have Vista.

Our URL: Don't forget!

If something is free, say so in nice big letters! “FREE!” always grabs attention on a poster.


Mustn't be a design that uses “too much ink”. It may be that some people print these at home and could be put off if it'll empty their ink cartridges. A better place to print may be at your local Dorset library; Dorchester library offers A4 colour laser prints at 10p a sheet.

A coastal outline of the south-west with county boundaries marked and Dorset a different colour to the others? Where to find one? The Dorset/Hampshire border moved a while ago and many are out of date. Doesn't have to be accurate to the meter, just representative.

A 2D barcode that can be scanned with the reader's mobile and leads them to the web site.

Distro Logos

Adds a bit of colour and interest. Suggest have them in a row in the bottom half of the page.

Need to find high quality artwork, vector format preferred, for these that we can use under each of their individual licenses. The images here are just so people know what they look like, they aren't necessarily the ones to use on the finished poster.

  • Tux the penguin, perhaps our Farmer Tux from Dorset.
  • Ubuntu. The `three person circle'.
  • Debian. The `swirl'. They provide an “Open Use Logo” in various formats.
  • Fedora. Is it worth including this? It isn't as recognisable as the previous `Red Hat' logo.
  • SuSE. Is this the right one these days? www.novell.com_company_logo_img_open_suse.jpg
  • BSD. Would be nice to have a non-Linux one, and BSD seems the obvious choice. Their little red daemon is most recognisable but the forks have got individual logos now, like the obscure `ball with horns' of FreeBSD.

Production Methods and Licensing

It would be ideal if the poster was produced using FLOSS, e.g. Inkscape or Scribus.

We should state what license the poster is under so others know what they can do with it.

Places to Post

Add places you can think of, even if they're local, it may be suggestive to others.

  • Library.
  • School or University notice board (read up on Becta Jan '08 report).
  • Adult Education Centre.
  • Community hall notice boards.
  • Local computer shops.
  • Computing section of bookshops.
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