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Things to change when a DLUG meeting has happened

The location that's just had a meeting

Work out the next date of the next meeting at the location that's just been held

If today's in the month of the meeting that's just been held, this will give the date of the meeting in two months' time. Just paste it to a bash(1) prompt.

set `date '+%Y %m'`
y=$1 m=${2#0}
m=$((m + 2))
y=$((y + (m > 12)))
m=$(((m - 1) % 12 + 1))
((m % 2)) && day=Wed || day=Tue
seq 7 | xargs -I @ date -d $y-$m-@ '+%Y-%m-%d %a' | grep $day\$

Update the meeting wiki page

  1. Update the pub meetings wiki page.
  2. Edit section for the appropriate location.
  3. Change “Next meeting” date.
  4. Preview and save, e.g. “Update date of next Dorchester meeting.”

The location for the next meeting

#dorset IRC channel's topic

  1. Join #dorset.
  2. Gain a sufficient access level.
  3. Edit the existing topic to have the next location and date, this will be different from the location and date above.


Dorset Linux User Group | | Next meeting: Dorchester, Tuesday 2009-09-01 20:00

Mailman mailing list

  1. Log in as an administrator for the list
  2. Visit “Non-digest options”.
  3. Find “Footer added to mail sent to regular list members”.
  4. Alter to have the location, date, and time of the next meeting.
  5. Stick to four lines of text at most, under 80 characters each.
  6. Don't remove the space after the “–” signature indicator.


Next meeting: Bournemouth, Wednesday 2009-08-05 20:00
Dorset LUG:
List info: %(web_page_url)slistinfo%(cgiext)s/%(_internal_name)s

Yahoo Upcoming

  1. Log in to Yahoo Upcoming.
  2. Add an event for the new pub meet.
  3. Choose one of the existing venues.
    1. Crown Hotel, Blandford:
    2. The Broadway, Bournemouth:
    3. The King's Arms, Bournemouth:
    4. The Royal Oak, Dorchester:
    5. Tom Brown's, Dorchester:
  4. Send to the Dorset Web group.
  5. Add tags: dorset (blandford|bournemouth|dorchester) linux dorsetlug lug. These can be added in one go, space separated.


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