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Resurrected Workshops


At the Pub Meet on 4th April 2007, James returned after an absence of nearly two years. He is still able to get the use of a room at the University and so we can resurrect the Workshop Meetings. He would prefer a Saturday, (although Sunday is a possibility), and all we have to do is sort out the agenda etc. About a year ago, we thought a location had been found because a new member offered to make a suitable venue available to us. However, the venue fell through, but the ideas from then, in particular the social meeting on 2006-05-03 and the mailing list, were preserved. If this is still a goer, lets get it rolling; otherwise, get those suggestions rolling in!

Linux from Scratch Proposal

After discussion, the favourite suggestion was a series of workshops leading to a full build of Linux from Scratch. This would let people learn the nuts and bolts of how a Linux system comes together, from the boot loader, the kernel, init(8), getty(8), and a shell prompt.

So here is what we think could work well.

  1. At the first meeting, everyone who can bring a box installs VMWare, or perhaps Qemu as a more free alternative.
  2. We then begin the process of building Linux from Scratch inside the virtual machine.
  3. At the end of the session we save the image so far ready to continue next time.

Using a machine emulator will allow us to carry on where we left off at subsequent meetings, thus solving the biggest obstacle to creating a Linux from Scratch installation; the long compile times. Perhaps ccache or distcc can be used to help cut these down.

Alternative Proposals

Talking of long compile times, we will then have some spare time for chatting/other activities. If anyone who hasn't got a Linux installation yet and wants to come along, we can have a Mini-Install-fest alongside the main event. Other people have asked for a media server, so that could be another sideshow. Two other events are probably enough, but if you'd like to see other activities take place rather than Linux from Scratch please put them here or raise it on the mailing list.



A Saturday (or possibly a Sunday).


Bournemouth University, Wallisdown.


The University is on a bus route, but quite a way from a Railway Station. For the original venue we had offers of lifts from:

  • Corfe Mullen
  • Bournemouth
  • Wimborne
  • Tollard Royal
  • Sturminster Marshall
  • Fordingbridge
  • Bridport


We probably won't need too much, it depends on the nature of the room that James can obtain. It most we might need:

  • patch leads
  • projector
  • WiFi Access Points

and of course, your box!


If you can help guide the rest of us, please put your names here, with skill offered.

  • Terry Coles. Installation, media server (audio only at present).
  • Ralph Corderoy. Happy to give rough talks or answer questions on
    • Unix process model, e.g. fork/exec, file descriptors, pipes, environment variables.
    • Unix shell scripting and text processing commands, e.g. wc, tr, grep, sort, uniq, comm, sed, awk.
    • Basic Internet principles, e.g. TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, SSH.
  • Robin Shepheard, enthusiastic amateur. While I can't call myself an expert in any field, I am more than willing to help out in any way I can. I have experience with networking, building Gentoo (well I have done it a few times) and I have played with a fair few distros and have a bit of experience with WIFI cards, oh and have a reasonable experience of vmware. Only possible problem I have is that about every other Sunday I am back in Sussex so a reasonable amount of warning is neccesary. Oh and I can download and burn to disc (cd/dvd) any distros that we may need for the workshop.
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