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Corporate Linux

This section aims to profile the commercial Linux usage here in Dorset, each section will have a handy profile of what the company do and how they use linux.


  • Dorset Professional Services provides complete consulting services for networks, specializing in Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000/2003 server families, Unix/Linux, Banyan, TCP/IP, Citrix terminal services, VPN, Artisoft, Polycom.
  • Discover Linux provides Open Source Software to business and schools, cutting costs and improving computer utilisation. Change over is easy because the software will integrate with existing systems.
  • Launch Solutions provides managed, high bandwidth Linux hosting, web design, software development and cosultancy. We have incorporated Linux into every aspect of our business . We use a mixture of RedHat Enterprise, Fedora, Debian, Smoothwall and OSX.
  • Fordingbridge Computer Services provides reliable local support for home and business computer users in the Fordingbridge area (which includes bits of Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire). Sadly, most of my clients insist on running something called Windows, but I've managed to steer a few of them in the direction of Ubuntu. And I look after Linux servers for some of my business clients.
  • Understanding Computers is based in Wimborne and provides friendly and patient computer services. We help you to understand your computer. We get the right products for you, at the best prices, and take the time to show you why they matter and how they work best, from cameras to websites. We recommend Free Software whenever we can!


If you'd like to add a company, feel free. Just try and follow the existing schema:

* [[Businesses:Business Name]] Description

And then create the page describing what the company do. Couldn't be simpler! =)

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